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Hello, and welcome to the thinking ground.

Found me from somewhere? Friended me? Please leave a comment here about where you found me, or why you friended me. :]

This journal will most likely be a live sketchbook of sorts: it'll have doodles, writings, and ideas. A place for me to get all those artsy little thoughts down. Expect chaos and inkblots, and lots and lots of scribbles.

Fanfiction and art will always be public. The rest of the insanity is friendslocked.

If you're interested in anything you see, do say hi! I'm nice. :] 
This is fanart for copperbadge's tremendous novel, Nameless. I was inspired by a lot of lovely visuals in the story-- I think I may have said that it makes me want to paint. Which it does. Which I did.

It's been a long time since I've worked in watercolor-- I miss it! Oils are all well and good, but there's something so very forgiving about pigment and ache-two-oh. Plus the brushes are much nicer. :D

Unfortunately my photos aren't the greatest-- if I can, I'll replace them. (Not likely, alas!)

Contains landscapes and no portraiture! What gives?Collapse )
A while ago I got in a decidedly icon-making mood. So I made these.

The fandom icons are either stock art or my... computer graphics whizziness? The band icons are all my photography from a show I went to back in December.

Feel free to use with credit; if you're going to modify them (I don't think there's much that can be done with these, though) then make a note of that too. :D I'd really appreciate it if you didn't mod my band icons, though... if you want something just ask? Thanks!

[And a warning: lots of little pictures! I don't how to do fancy icon tables, so if you want to let me know which one you took just describe it or something... ]

1: Shakespeare
8: Brideshead Revisited
10: Harry Potter
12: Sherlock Holmes
13: The Parson Redheads
17: Starfucker
25: Blitzen Trapper

ICONS AHOY!Collapse )
Well now this is interesting. It's been a while since I wrote any decent (read: post-worthy) GO-fic; I attribute it to the massively depressing loss of both of my copies for seven months. But moving on...

One of the reasons why I love Good Omens fic so much is that it's so down-to-earth and yet otherworldly. There are angels and demons and other fantastical characters, and sometimes fandom makes them sleep together, but even without the sex there's all sorts of interesting things to write about!

Like death. Not DEATH, or Death, but you know, death. The loss of a body. It's got to be an issue for our favorite two wile-and-thwarters, and, well, I was curious as to how one (say, Crowley) would react whenever the other (say, Aziraphale) would... die. Or discorporate.

This fic is... ah, slightly thinky, vaguely humorous, immensely morbid, and themes of death and suicide are tossed around like pennies-- though I think I've written it rather respectfully. And it's unbetaed. Ha. :D

That said, feedback would be lovely. It's not as tight as I'd like it to be; any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Title: He kindly stopped for me
Author: m_erechyn
Rating: PG-13 for aformentioned morbidities.
Pairing: None! Le gasp.
Fandom: Good Omens
Disclaimer: It's not mine, really.
Notes: It's one of the more unusual fics I've written, methinks.

And all of a sudden you’re thrown into the air, hovering over your dead body, looking at your feet and thinking, 'gosh, I wonder if that hurt?'Collapse )
And yet another Brideshead fic! I'm really on a roll here, or something; I actually wrote this a few days after Salt and Honey, and there's one more on the way...

This is another one of those 'missing scenes' fics, inspired by a few lines of dialogue which I've, ahem, borrowed at the end. The tone's different from S & H, too; do tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading; feedback is glorious but not required.

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Title: Butterflies and Cathedrals
Author: m_erechyn
Rating: PG
Pairing: Hopefully canon-esque Sebastian/Charles.
Disclaimer: Brideshead and its characters don't belong to me; I just adore them. Additionally, the last three lines of dialogue are straight from the book.
Notes: Wine, aesthetics, romanticism, and a snatch of a summer alone.

'It’s all deep thoughts for my dear Charles tonight, isn’t it?' he asked.Collapse )

ARTSES! dump two of two

Aaaaand here's all the moleskine prismacolor goodness. Basically, as p01s0n3d knows, I've been snowed in for quite some time (since last Sunday, actually) and the result has been an explosion of creativity. All of these drawings were done within the past few days.

The black and white ones are charcoal pencil heightened with a white charcoaly pencil thing (Generals, yay!) and the color ones are Prismacolor. I've got the 24-set (aren't I blessed?).

My little brother...Collapse )

And then my mum called it an abstract turkey.Collapse )

'Androgynously Green'Collapse )

'Oh, Alice.'Collapse )

This one's more of a sketch, really.Collapse )

'Orange Dress'Collapse )

Essentially a creepy hand...Collapse )

ARTSES! dump one of two.

Ahaha. So I have been arting for quite some time (yes, I did just turn art into a verb) and accumulated quite a collection. Here's some stuff from sophomore year that I've had the opportunity to photograph... although my photos are not so good. D:

The following dump will contain all of my fun moleskine prismacolor gewgaws; stay tuned!

I am mildly synaesthetic. This is what the word 'maybe' looks like to me.Collapse )

'Colorful Language' (Old painting, from 2006 or thereabouts)Collapse )

'Clockwork Dandelion'Collapse )

'A worm's eye view'Collapse )

'The Air Up There' / 'Chinatown'Collapse )

'Portrait of self or some other such highfalutin' title'Collapse )
I've long loved the book Brideshead Revisited, by the extraordinary Evelyn Waugh. The relationship between Charles and Sebastian is probably the biggest reason why I adore it so, although the dizzying prose is probably a good second.

This is just a short "missing scene" of sorts that I scribbled up late last night. I've tried to emulate Charles's/Waugh's romantic style here; hopefully that turned out all right. Unbetaed, as all of my fics are.

Thanks for reading, and if you haven't read the book then please do! It's brilliant and gorgeous.

Title inspired partly by the quote "I was drowning in honey, stingless..." from the novel.

Cross-posted to rarelitslash and marchmainhouse.

Title: Salt and Honey
Author: m_erechyn
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sebastian/Charles, although it could just be friendship.
Disclaimer: Brideshead and its characters don't belong to me; I just adore them.
Notes: I'm quite fond of this. I love Brideshead, I love the sea, I love Venice. It was fun to write. :]

We walked out from under our rather feeble umbrella, where our clothes and other mortal adornments lay in one sad heap...Collapse )

fic post: {found, pg, harry potter}

I was listening to the Vitamin String Quartet's cover of Death Cab's "The Sound of Settling" (have I mentioned how much I love Death Cab?) and I guess this is the result.

I actually wrote it quite some time ago; there are still a few things that bother me but for the most part it's done. I've never written non-MWPP Remus/Sirius so... any and all feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Title: Found
Author: m_erechyn
Rating: PG. Sort of.
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine. And the title of the song mentioned late in the fic isn't mine, either; I saw it in fic and thought I might've seen it in canon... whoever came up with it, congratulations!
Notes: It's set somewhere during OoTP, but it's one of those stolen moments that could happen at any time.

He supposes he doesn’t mind. It’s enough to stay here, and live, and care.Collapse )
And this is the second of the Peter ficlets! I was hoping to write his commentary on Remus and Sirius separately, but then I figured my slashy mindset + Peter's ability to pick up on the small details (that's always how I've seen him, at at any rate) would prevent me from doing so. Thus, Peter's commentary on their relationship, or what he thinks is their relationship.

Not my favorite, but... I don't know, I just didn't see Peter having quite so much to say about Moony and Pads. And yeah, I didn't use the nicknames--simply because they feel stilted at times and Peter's sort of talking in his head for the most part.

But! Again, thanks so much for reading! :D It's not what I usually write; any and all feedback is just... crazy amazing. :]

Title: Peter: On Remus and Sirius
Author: m_erechyn
Rating: PG sounds about right.
Pairing: Remus/Sirius, but they're not in the foreground of this one.
Disclaimer: It's Jo's, definitely not mine.
Notes: My first second time writing Peter. And my second time writing first person? The statement still remains from the fic previous to this: any and all critique is LOVE. Also, if you know of any comms I might be able to post this to, you will be in my good books forever.

I guess I shouldn’t be saying that, but I notice these things.Collapse )