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ICONS! {shakespeare + misc fandoms + music/bands}

A while ago I got in a decidedly icon-making mood. So I made these.

The fandom icons are either stock art or my... computer graphics whizziness? The band icons are all my photography from a show I went to back in December.

Feel free to use with credit; if you're going to modify them (I don't think there's much that can be done with these, though) then make a note of that too. :D I'd really appreciate it if you didn't mod my band icons, though... if you want something just ask? Thanks!

[And a warning: lots of little pictures! I don't how to do fancy icon tables, so if you want to let me know which one you took just describe it or something... ]

1: Shakespeare
8: Brideshead Revisited
10: Harry Potter
12: Sherlock Holmes
13: The Parson Redheads
17: Starfucker
25: Blitzen Trapper

Tags: brideshead revisited, harry potter, icons like woah, misc. fandoms, music is love, remus/sirius, sebastian/charles
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