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fanart! {low ferry / the pines diptych, nameless, gen}

This is fanart for copperbadge's tremendous novel, Nameless. I was inspired by a lot of lovely visuals in the story-- I think I may have said that it makes me want to paint. Which it does. Which I did.

It's been a long time since I've worked in watercolor-- I miss it! Oils are all well and good, but there's something so very forgiving about pigment and ache-two-oh. Plus the brushes are much nicer. :D

Unfortunately my photos aren't the greatest-- if I can, I'll replace them. (Not likely, alas!)

So this is the two pictures on the same sheet, as I painted it. Watercolor with a little white gouache for the snow. I only used two brushes on these guys-- a little fine one for the details and then a medium-sized round for everything else.

I had this desperate urge to paint winter in Low Ferry (the small, fictional town where the bulk of the novel is set). Never mind the fact that I never paint buildings. I actually painted this after the scene at The Pines, because I was pretty nervous.

I think this panel turned out quite well, though. :D I did take some artistic liberties with the geography of the place, and I'm not sure if the door's supposed to be green at that point in time. (Oh well?)

I started drawing this and then realized that my idea of The Pines was probably vastly different from Sam's image. But I painted it anyway. :D I'm happy with the hill, although when I cut the paper (I'm making a sort of artsy book and using these two paintings as covers) I had to trim off quite a bit of it. Le sigh.

So. It's really funny, because I did both paintings in about... forty-five minutes altogether. They're not large-- about 5" x 9", give or take-- and it was really liberating to just start painting. I haven't done that in a while.

Come to think of it, I think these are the first pieces of art to make me truly happy in quite some time...

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