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a compendium of assorted sundry topics

{written and illustrated by yr. esteemed so-and-so}

étienne de silhouette
3 December
Hello. I’m Lotus.

I like life, art, and music in equal proportions.
Which is to say a lot. I’m a happy person.

You may have seen me around? Or not.
I frolic.

I am not wise nor do I pretend to be.
If I know something odd
it is probably because I’ve read it in a book.

I draw to stay awake
and because it keeps my heart beating
and when that doesn’t work
I drink green tea and eat cinnamon altoids.

I want to write for the living.
I think love transcends sex and gender.
Last year I learned a lot of unfortunate things
about myself and my situation.
I'm determined to live through it.

I’d interpret dreams if I remembered them.
I tell ghost stories.
I adore seashells.

I have a secret library card that no one else knows about.
Last summer I fell in love and I haven’t quite gotten over it.

I have walked a thousand miles.

I think that most everything is beautiful.
And that which isn’t doesn’t want to be.

Simple gifts make me happy.
Complex conversations make me happy, too.

Very pleased to meet. ♥
9b pencils, acrylic paint, aeroplanes over the sea, androgyny, art, art nouveau, asexuality, ball point pens, being almost vegetarian, blank verse, blankets, books, botticelli, bubble tea, buying-things-from-local-businesses, colorful inks and paints, cycling, dancing all night long, doodles, drawing, dreams, electronica, fanfiction, fiction, finding faces in clouds, flying without wings, foreign languages, gay rights, genderqueer, good omens, goodwill, h.g. theaker, headphones, hieronymus bosch, illustration-from-20s-children's-books, indie movies, interesting people, laughter, lewis carroll, lgbt literature, lgbtqalphabetsoup, mismatched socks, moleskine notebooks, music, nail polish, not-using-paper-cups, ocean air, oil paints, old-stuff-that-was-loved-once, organic-lines-and-curves, ovaltine, paintbrushes, people who matter, people-watching, philosophizing at midnight, photography, pioneer square, poetry, portland, post-it-note-poetry, rainbows, really bad special effects, red road bikes, seattle, second hand shops, slash, smiles, snow on branches, space heaters, spectrum, stars, street art, sweet things, the pdx music scene, theatre, thinking, those-cold-clear-days-where-the-sky-is-pure-blue, thunderstorms at midnight, underground music, vegetables, vintage, wearing-jeans-until-they-fall-apart, zippers